Cortex XSOAR & MALWATION AIMA Integration

Cortex XSOAR & MALWATION AIMA Integration Accelerate malware analysis, detection and response processes by integrating Cortex XSOAR with AIMA. 

Offensive Approach to Online Sandboxes #1 – ANY.RUN & Testing With MSP

Hello there!Today, we are happy to announce Malwation’s new blog series. In this blog, we will share our research about manipulating online sandboxes and how to […]

IcedID Malware Technical Analysis Report

Testing Antivirus with Malwation MSP

What’s MSP? MSP stands for Malware Simulation Platform and it’s designed to create sophisticated and customizable malwares on cloud for testing and comparing antiviruses, endpoint detection […]

RYUK Ransomware Technical Analysis

Malware Config Extraction Diaries #2 – njRAT

 When the software is infected, the attacker gains remote unauthorized access to the victim computer. Thanks to various functions and configurations on an easy-to-use interface, the […]

Malware Config Extraction Diaries #1 – GuLoader

The activities of malware are increasing day by day. There are security solutions such as EDR, anti-virus, anti-malware and sandbox to prevent the activities of malicious […]

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